Enalees, is a biotechnology company established since 2016 in Genopole (Essonne). Its multidisciplinary team, mainly made up of doctors or engineers and biology technicians, participates in the development of innovative tests for recreational animals (horses, dogs and cats). To date, Enalees offers two ranges of rapid diagnostic kits for infectious diseases: Epona® for horses and Asteria® for dogs and cats, i.e. nearly 60 tests. These innovative products are available for sale either directly from Enalees and its British and German subsidiaries or via a network of official distributors.

Building on its success in animal health, Enalees offers its expertise in the development of molecular detection kits by genetic amplification (PCR & NAAT Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests) as well as its know-how and production and freeze-drying equipment to support companies in their genetic analysis projects.

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