Enalees History

Enalees is an innovative startup founded in 2015. The company is situated in Evry, inside the technology center of Genopole. Today, Enalees comprises of 14 employees, the majority of whom with a Master’s degree or a PhD in molecular biology. Our scientific committee comprising of two professors of veterinarian medicine, one doctor specialized in molecular diagnostics, and two veterinarians on active duty, ensures the relevance and validity of our projects.
Our products have been used by more than 50 clinics in France and are currently available in other European countries such as United Kingdom and Germany.
Enalees has been participating actively in “Stop-Covid”, a government project, since April of 2020, with an ultimate goal of developing rapid screening tests for the general public, along with partners Bertin Technologies and C4Diagnostics.

The beginnings...

December, 2015
Creation of Enalees

Enalees was created at the end of 2015, a brain-child born of its founders’ dreams and ambitions for a brighter future.

May, 2016
A fundraising effort resulting in more than a million euros kick-started the R&D activities. The very first members of the R&D team were assembled, whose first mission was to conceive the floor-plan of different sections of laboratories, which would be inside the campus of Genopole, a technology center that Enalees belongs to.
September, 2016
Inauguration of Enalees! Two hundred square meters of high tech laboratories dedicated to R&D as well as production use.
October, 2016
Scientific committee
We created our very first scientific committee consisting of Professor Jean-Luc Cadoré and Doctor Laure Florentino, a veterinarian practitioner from the clinic of Cheney at Milly-la-foret.
January, 2017
The arrival of quality assurance team continues the enhancement of our quality. By adapting ISO9001, we seek to provide the highest quality service to our team and our customers.
Mai 2017
First national conference

We presented our tests at a national conference for the first time to showcase our rapid molecular diagnostic solutions for horses. We unveil our public image step by step, with a stylish logo inspired by fine craftsmanship.

July, 2017
Label of Hippolia

We are integrated into the Hippolia cluster, the only government-certified competitive cluster of innovators in the French horse industry. Carrying the label of Hippolia cluster certifies the credibility of Enalees and its products.

January, 2018
Laboratory LABEO

We signed a partnership deal with the laboratory LABEO, a national reference lab recognized as world leading expert on infectious equine diseases. Their official validation of our tests adds a certitude of high quality of our products.

April, 2018

A milestone moment for Enalees!
Our first equine tests, Epona, have arrived. The 8-digit reference codes designated for various tests detecting a panel of fever-causing pathogens, namely Theileria equi, Babesia caballi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Borrelia spp., have been launched!

September, 2018
Second fund-raising
Our commercial growth calls for a second fund-raising event through Siinaps, a financing platform by Paris-Saclay, a research-intensive and business cluster. The fund-raising is a great success, and our adventures continue!
February, 2019
Epona label expands

Our Epona label expands to cover respiratory diseases. Now able to detect contagious respiratory illnesses caused by Streptococcus equi equi, EHV1, influenza, EHV4, our catalog has grown to include 14 products!

March, 2019
In response to our growth and our objective of achieving “Made-in-France” label, we invested in a heavy freeze-dryer to carry out the manufacturing and packaging entirely in France.
April, 2019
We crossed the boarders of Europe with the objective of penetrating foreign markets, through collaboration with Innozoa, an American enterprise, for market survey in the Americas.
March, 2020

Our canine and feline product line, Asteria, is ready for launch! Unfortunately, the pandemic of Covid-19 resulted in the closure of majority of veterinary clinics, and as a response, we were obliged to delay the launch.

March, 2020
Covid-19 test kit
Bertin Technologies, C4Diagnostics and Enalees launch BEC-SARS-CoV-2, an ultra-rapid and sensitive Covid-19 test kit.
June, 2020
Covid-19 test for cat

Enalees now refocuses on its expertise in animal health and launches a COVID-19 test kit for domestic cats, a point-of-care test that is deployed directly in vet clinics.

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