Enalees and Altano have signed up a Supplier Accreditation Agreement

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Enalees and Altano have signed up a Supplier Accreditation Agreement

Enalees can propose to all the equine clinics, members of the International Group Altano, our innovative rapid diagnostics solution to support vet teams throughout their daily practice. 

Enalees pursues its market extension in Germany and France with Altano as a preferred partner for
equine welfare. Enalees will integrate the Altano’ National days & sessions to disseminate its DNA
amplification technology (LAMP) & its new art of diagnosis as a point-of-care tool. Enalees will thus
contribute to a better early diagnosis to better treat horses.
Other potential countries members of Altano’s network will shortly be integrated in the sessions to
benefit from this in-house rapid diagnostic test.

We are very happy about the partnership with Enalees. Thanks to the extensive range of PCR tests that we can provide in our clinics, we are expanding the range of in-house diagnostics for our customers. Furthermore, we can optimise the care of our patients because of the quickly available results.
This saves us valuable time in reacting to corresponding diagnoses.

explains Axel Wallman, CMO, Altano

We are very honoured to become a member of Altano’s network for First-Class Medical Care for equine. We will install our solution and train the vet teams to handle the equipment and patented
extraction process in the best possible way with the support of Altano. We are confident that it is the beginning of a long-term partnership.

says Laurent Thiery, president & founder, Enalees

About Altano
We are Pioneers for modern and sustainable veterinary medicine: with numerous horse clinics and practices, Altano is on its way to becoming the world’s leading horse clinic group. The international network offers veterinary care of the highest standard and works with passion and commitment for the health of animals.

Key figures:
> 63 clinics & practices in 9 countries
> More than 1,600 employees with more than 520 vets

For further information, visit altano-group.vet

About Enalees
Enalees develops and produces rapid isothermal PCR diagnostic tests which enable veterinary professionals to diagnose infectious diseases – both in their veterinary practices and in the field
– without the need to send samples to an external laboratory. Its team, which is primarily made up of doctors, engineers and biology technicians, has a particular focus on the development of innovative tests for domesticated animals (horses, dogs and cats).
Based on an isothermal amplification technique, the company’s products can detect 12 infectious diseases in horses, including Lyme disease (or Borreliosis) and equine influenza. To date, 90% of
equine veterinary clinics in France use the technology. Since 2021, the company also launched 11 tests for diagnosing infectious diseases in dogs and cats, making it the French market leader in
veterinary LAMP PCR (Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification Polymerase Chain Reaction). Enalees’ tests are currently available in Europe directly from Enalees’ Group (France, United Kingdom and Germany) or through its distributors network.
Founded in 2015, Enalees moved to the Genopole research center (France) in 2016, where it later set up its own lyophilization platform. This new facility enabled the company to increase its production capacity to over one million tests a year, including products for its own animal health business as well as custom tests for its partners.
Enalees now employs 44 staff.
For further information, visit enalees.com

Enalees Contact

Florence Fombertasse
Marketing & Communication CO
+33 (0)749 329 506

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